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Powder Burns in Delcotimes’ Best of ’06

Delaware County Times’ Best of 2006

3.The Twilight Singers

Powder Burns + A Stitch In Time (EP)

Is it cheating to consider these two separate recordings one entry?Probably, but this is one band that intertwines its music so well, there’s no of ignoring one for the other.

“Powder Burns” features some of the most varied and honest compositions ever from lead Twilight Kid Greg Dulli.As the singer told Rock Music Menu in May, this was the first record he’s done sober, which, though unfortunate, often results in boring records from the freshly clean.Instead, he’s dealt impassioned tales of addiction’s death grip, requited love, and emotional contradictions are delivered in nearly perfect bursts.

“Bonnie Brae” sets off an ominous beat that builds into soaring cry of realized personal freedom, echoed again in the bass lead brilliance of “Dead to Rights.”

The ever revolving rogue’s galleries of singers are on board for the disc, including Ani DiFranco and Joseph Arthur, the latter who also joins Dulli on “A Stitch In Time.”The EP is no less intense than its long player companion, with a cover of the latest Massive Attack song, “Live With Me,” and a haunting “The Lure Would Prove Too Much” as bookends.

Three of the five tracks are duets, notably a pair of them with grunge pioneer Mark Lanegan, who has since become a full-time member of the band.Next up is a full length duets record between him and Dulli, under the moniker The Gutter Twins, which could very well end up on the 2007 edition of this list.

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