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A Stich in Time – Junkmedia

Junkmedia – 4/5
Greg Dulli is one prolific mother. And for someone as compelled as Dulli to keep pushing out content – most of it good – he’s amazingly willing to share the spotlight. Not only does he gleefully cover songs from every genre of pop music, but he doesn’t always have to be the focal point of the band. Exhibit A: Stitch in Time, the still iTunes-only EP that will get its proper release December 4 on British label One Little Indian Records.

Stitch opens with Mark Lanegan, ex-Screaming Trees vocal and frequent Dulli collaborator, applying his gruff baritone to the Massive Attack cover “Live with Me.” It’s a smoky slow-burner that only whets the appetite for the long-promised Gutter Twins project that pairs these same two who were among the bedrock of the 1990s Seattle scene.

Lanegan returns later for the nourish “Flashback,” but in between is “Sublime,” an update of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” that might very well be the quintessential Dulli track. It’s all sultry swagger and has some backing vocals from new friend, Joseph Arthur. Drummer Bobby McIntyre, who calls Dulli “my poet,” finesses the tambourine, high-hat and snare to great effect.

The real star of this short-player, though, is “They Ride.” Co-written by one-time Dulli sidekick and Afghan Whigs guitarist Rick McCollom, the track transports the listener back to the early ‘90s of Gentlemen and Black Love, without sounding stale or worn. McIntyre punishes his kit and McCollom does his best Eddie Hazel.

For fans looking for a snack to tide them over until the Gutter Twins record or the next Twilight Singers LP, which ever comes first, A Stitch in Time is the perfect bridge between the once (Whigs) and future (Gutter Twins) King Dulli.


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