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A Stitch in Time – Powpowpow

It’s perhaps a good thing that I have little knowledge of Mark Lanegan, The Screaming Trees, Joseph Arthur, Greg Dulli, Afghan Whigs or indeed The Twilight Singers all of whom, or rather members of all of whom, have played a part in the creation of this record. Such a weight of history would only confuse matters.

Instead I’m left with the far easier task of reviewing five songs. And even better they’re all pretty good.
A Stitch in Time is deep and dark and classic sounding. It’s rock music I suppose – it’s too brooding to classed as pop – but its not coated in waves of distortion. These are simple songs, with the right on production giving them an exceptional warmth and density. Sublime is perhaps the pick of the bunch although the start of Flashback, all twisting bass, splashes of wah-wah and electro-glitches run it pretty close as does the crackling phone message samples on the ending the lure would prove too much. Sublime combines drum-machine beats, an emotive vocal and a chorus that washes over you to make a very satisfying and very relaxing whole.

It’s a great EP all round, songs sung well and played well, the contributions by the guest vocalists never seeming superfluous or intruding on your enjoyment. The guitar work is excellent, the strings swoop and sway just as they should and the production is spot on. If you’re a fan of this kind of thing – aged, classic sounding rock songs (no, not ‘Classic Rock’) which sound as though they’ve been hanging around a while, brewing up their windswept atmosphere then this record is for you. Highly recommended.


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