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Brooklyn 06 Review: Relix
Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY
November 16, 2006

It was a dreary and rainy night in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The streets were drenched, but inside the Warsaw, it was a different story altogether. The Twilight Singers, led by the seductive Greg Dulli (formerly of The Afghan Whigs) were gearing up to entertain a legion of devotees. A crowd clearly composed of die-hard Whigs and Twilight fans filled the venue, groups of women squealing over Dulli’s expected charismatic performance, men with previous setlists in their heads remarking how they hoped such and such song would be played, encores and how one city had compared to another.
Opening the night was a local band, The Mighty Fine, who was fronted by the flamboyant Steve Meyers (another ex-member of the Afghan Whigs and frequent collaborator on Twilight albums). The dynamic and rowdy band warmed up the audience by dancing through a selection of soulful numbers off their Dirty Sessions E.P. Stars of Track and Field, a romantic spacey-rock trio followed and instantly brought the energy down to a delicate and dreamy state. Offering songs from their debut record, Centuries Before Love and War, the gentlemen gave a notable performance of glistening electro-rock that paved the way for The Twilight Singers.

As the stage switched over the crowd waited patiently as candles and incense were lit, ashtrays and drinks were put into place and the keyboard was dressed in black material. The phantom-esque atmosphere that would remain for the rest of the night was taking shape. The Twilight Singers slithered onto the stage, including Jeff Klein (a brilliant songwriter and solo performer in his own right) on keys, Steve Meyers taking a mic and the usual suspects Bobby MacIntyre, the feisty drummer, bassist Scott Ford and guitarist Dave Rosser. The man of the hour, Greg Dulli, soon appeared from the shadows and the band soared right into “Toward the Waves,” an ambient introduction for “Teenage Wristband” off of Blackberry Belle. Each performer seemed quite enthusiastic as they smoked through the track and dove right into a slew of seductive moments off of Powder Burns, including “I’m Ready” and “Bonnie Brae,” before the real highlight of the show was revealed: the addition of Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age). A stoic Langean with eyes firmly shut, held the mic stand with intensity as he growled out the lyrics to “Live With Me,” the first of five songs he would contribute to the night, which included: “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?,” “Sideways In Reverse,” “Boogie Boogie” and “Flashback.”

The show was lengthy and had quite a few cathartic points, including an “Amazing Grace” introduction to “King Only,” a beautiful performance of “There’s Been an Accident” and the portion of the show when Dulli took his place at the keyboard and offered up a triple hit including a cover of Justin Timberlake’s “Lovestoned,” his own “The Killer” (a song about Jerry Lee Lewis) and a hot cover of TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me.” The almost celebratory vibe of “Forty Dollars” was also remarkable and was a suitable closer for a show of rock-solid artistry that definitely didn’t disappoint a soul.

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