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A Stitch In Time EP : track review

The Twilight Singers released one of the albums of the year back in May with the beautifully sombre Powder Burns. A Stitch In Time finds former Afghan Whig Greg Dulli sharing the vocal duties with Mark Lanegan, both of whom came to the fore during Grunge. If Kurt Cobain was the Grunge era’s punk voice, it found its Soul in Dulli and its Blues with Lanegan.

A cover of the Massive Attack song Live With Me opens A Stitch In Time, and The Twilight Singers turn it into a claustrophobic, mournful dirge. Lanegan’s voice commands the attention as always. Seemingly preserved in whiskey, and fed on an endless supply of hand-rolled cigarettes, it’s a voice that effortlessly seeps into the track. He crops up again on Flashback; a more open song with guitars and organ picking up Lanegan’s vocal and swirling it around like a severely stoned tornado.

They Ride’s haunting carnival blues is enough to send shivers up the spine as Dulli whispers in your ear while the guitars of Jon Skibic screech out of the darkness at the centre of the song.

The Lure Would Prove Too Much calms things down slightly, although it is no less sorrowful than the other songs here, being a beautiful ballad that gets under your skin. It makes you wonder just why it was that Dulli and The Whigs never made the crossover, and whether The Twilight Singers will get the recognition they deserve. This will never make it onto radio, but as a companion to Powder Burns it is essential, and proves that this band are capable of making some of the most heartbreaking music around at the moment.
– Sam Shepherd

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