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Dulli Comes Home With a Screaming Tree

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Local legend and international AltRock icon Greg Dulli brings his Twilight Singers back to the Southgate House next Friday, Nov. 3. While Dulli’s local shows always feature special “special guest” moments (like cameos from his former Afghan Whigs bandmate John Curley and Scrawl singer Marcy Mays), this time around, he’s bringing in pal and ex-Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan, who (as he did with Queens of the Stone Age previously) has endeared himself to the Twilight camp so successfully, he’s become an official touring member of the band. For a sample of their chemistry, check out this cool live footage from a summer fest in Europe. Dig the smooth rasp-on-rasp harmonizing!

Lanegan — who has guested on Twilight recordings, teamed with Dulli for the “Gutter Twins” side-project and toured Europe with the Twilight crew in August — also pops up on the new, online-only EP, A Stitch In Time, which features Greg and Mark’s spin through “Live With Me,” a cover of one of the new songs featured on Massive Attack’s recent greatest hits album. Stitch also features Dulli’s collaborations with Joseph Arthur (”Sublime”) and former Whigs guitarist Rick McCollum (”They Ride”). The EP is up on iTunes now; a hard-copy version is due from the One Little Indian label in November.

Meanwhile, the news of an Afghan Whigs reunion this fall excited a lot of fans, as the band announced they would be reconnecting to record a couple of new songs for the Rhino Records retrospective, Unbreakable. But don’t get too excited; in a recent interview with, Dulli confirmed that the band has recorded two new songs (including one unfinished song first crafted around the time of their break-up), but said they will definitely NOT be getting back together. When asked why the Whigs would never reteam on a more permanent basis, Dulli said, “Would you remarry your wife who you divorced six years ago? I’m a forward-looking guy: I don’t wallow in nostalgia. I can’t look back. We did that band for 14 years, man. We did everything we could and it was time to move on. Whoever was at the last show, that was The Afghan Whigs’ very last show.” He did, however, joke that he would get back with them for a million dollars — as long as he got to keep all of the money. The other band members would “have to get their own agents,” he said.

— Mike Breen

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