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Newport Report

A quick note concerning the Twilight Singers’ Newport show. After the main set, and a rather lackluster (to nonexistent) call for an encore, the crew began disassembling the gear. After 10-15 minutes, those left in the crowd brought the noise level back up, calling the band to return from their bus for an impromptu, piano-only encore (the only instrument left on stage).

After Chicago’s night one and Newport, it’s a given that encores have to be requested and earned. Now you know.

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thx Ray

2 Responses to “Newport Report”
  1. blugel says:

    i was busy moving more towards the back where i could actually see (thanks stupid drunk fucks pushing to get to the front) so i didn’t really notice the lackluster response. it was just confusing since the houselights would come up and go back down along with the aftershow music. a very strange show indeed, which is sad considering how great the newport shows usually are.

  2. kdandrea says:

    It was my first time to the Southgate House and true, based on what I hear of past shows, there might have been a certain expectation for the evening, but if Greg and company gets on stage and plays me a half hour of tunes, color me satisfied. As it turned out, I thought the encore was unique and I was glad to be there.
    I drove down from Philly and continued onto the Nashville show which was fantastic as well. Just one man’s opinion.

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