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Twilight Tour Starts Tonight

gamh sign

The latest leg of The Twilight Singers’ marathon Powder Burns tour kicks off tonight in San Francisco.

the twilight singers fall 2006 tour
photos of ts from their last stop at the great american music hall

thx to darren for the photo

20 Responses to “Twilight Tour Starts Tonight”
  1. monochrome says:

    Anyone have a setlist?! The anticipation is killing me. Any new songs? Old songs? I hope they bring back the fast version of Candy Cane Crawl…and Dead to Rights…and The Lure Would Prove Too Much…I could go on…!

  2. blugel says:

    damn, nice to see they did indeed vary the set up..and dead to rights, finally! too bad sublime wasnt played, as it was on the list to be played next, followed by underneath the waves…cant wait to see what other surprises are in store (the lure would prove too much, maybe?!)

  3. monochrome says:

    I hope I’m not alone on this, but I’m pretty happy to see Love/Annie Mae omitted…

  4. rockchick says:

    Annie Mae may be overplayed but its a great live rock song! I am happy about Wicked! i love that song and i can’t imagine how cool it’d be with Mark singing!

  5. RealLowVibe says:

    You’d never know they’d taken a month off, that’s for certain! Fiery, spot-on, and possibly a little harder-edged this time out (or maybe it just feels that way due to the newly added songs added), I’m terribly glad I stayed around SF a few days longer.

    One note: in the set list, I do believe that “I Think” is actually “Love Stoned” by Justin Timberlake. Greg referred to him just after he finished that bit of song, which was great because I’m no Timberlake aficionado and didn’t recogize it; checking the original this morning, the lyrics match.

  6. twilite kid says:

    “Love” is probably my fav twilight tune so I hope they keep playing it. Nice to see “Fat City”. I believe that’s a first.

  7. shimsham says:

    Definitely not the 1st time for Fat City. Know it was played night 2 at Double Door in Chicago back in Nov 03. Great addition! The entire SF setlist is a nice change-up. Some great Lanegan tunes are being added in. Can’t wait for Friday night in Tucson.

  8. Don says:

    More highlights included the crescendo of “dead to rights” blending seamlessly into “number nine” and the swaggering cover of TV on the Radio’s “wolf like me” with Jeff Klein standing center stage, crooning with Rosser as Greg did his thang…

    PS – “I Think” was indeed “Love Stoned” by Timberlake. Only Greg could make that puppy growl.

  9. monochrome says:

    Don– Are you talking about last night’s show? Please post a setlist! Were No. 9 and Wolf Like Me played in full?

    Holy shit!

  10. Don says:

    Some of “number nine”, pretty much all of “wolf like me”…

    SAN FRANCISCO 10/24/06

    fat city
    esta noche
    bonnie brae
    too tough to die
    live with me (w/ Mark Lanegan)
    i’ll take care of you (w/ Mark)
    sideways in reverse (w/ Mark)
    wicked (w/ Mark)
    i’m ready
    forty dollars
    amazing grace
    king only
    teenage wristband
    there’s been an accident
    shine on you crazy diamond / candy cane crawl / clap for the wolfman
    papillon / the joker / the killing moon
    martin eden
    dead to rights / number nine

    love stoned
    the killer
    wolf like me
    boogie boogie

  11. Don says:

    Oh, sorry –

    “boogie boogie” and “flashback” were also with Lanegan…

  12. twilite kid says:

    I never knew Fat City was played before. I’m dyin’ to know what it sounds like live. Anyone got any bootlegs of it? Sorry if that’s frowned upon here! 🙂

  13. bishi says:

    I am curious about how bootlegs are viewed here also. A couple of years ago there was another Whigs/TS site (wannagoforaride)and there was some trading going on there. Not sure what happened to them. I can’t wait for Philly! Just hope they play some of these rare gems!!

  14. blugel says:

    i miss wannagoforaride, too…never knew what exactly happened to it…wouldnt mind trying to get another board up and running…def need some more bootlegs from this entire tour…also, any word on anything new at the merch table?

  15. Lee says:

    Hi Guys –
    I love bootlegs, too – but please don’t use this space to post bootleg info. Thanks!

  16. Phatballard says:

    Any new set lists from the concerts? I’m dyin’ here!

  17. Phatballard says:

    set lists? Anyone?…

  18. blugel says:

    i submitted last nite’s setlist to the archive, where its on display now…

  19. dmikec1 says:

    So….great show in Chicago last night…BUT, what happened to the encore??? Where we not loud enough? Maybe they’re saving the best for tonight?

    p.s. — It’s like a .99 cent store in this muthaf@#$er

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