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A Stitch in Time: Out Now

The latest EP from The Twilight Singers, A Stitch in Time, is out now via iTunes US.

The Twilight Singers - A Stitch In Time - EP

11 Responses to “A Stitch in Time: Out Now”
  1. guy s says:

    Anyone can help an old friend and let me know what can i do if i want to purchase “Stitch in Time” , but i cant register for an Itunes account since i live in Israel (So much for Itunes “delievering music worldwide” spirit…).
    I gotta have these tracks, Today!!!!!
    If anyone knows alternate ways of downloading (Legally, of course) this CD, ill be a very happy man.

  2. monochrome says:

    Just thought I’d write to gush about how amazing the EP is. It’s really mellow, really sexy, distant and nostalgic, all at once… Such a good buy– and it’s $4! Incredible!

  3. scarredgod says:

    i was gonna wait for an actual CD of it, but at 4 bucks, i cant pass it up, downloading now! i cant wait to hear flashback.

  4. scarredgod says:

    PS- i really think this itunes outlet can be really awesome to just get songs out there quickly whenever they feel like it without going thru the whole production of an actual CD release.

  5. ron says:

    F**king iTunes store !!!
    once again, great songs on US store… only on US store…

  6. Absolutely loving the EP. It’s just enough to keep you wanting more! Damn, this is good.

  7. entropyfan says:

    For my ears, the farther into this EP’s tracklisting I venture the more it starts sounding like old-school Whigs. It would appear the title may hold a double-meaning, no?

  8. scarredgod says:

    any chance we can get the lyrics posted up please?

  9. bishi says:

    Hey entropyfan,

    Interesting point of view. You may be on to something there.

  10. ali g says:

    Just checked & you can now but the EP on ITunes UK. Hoorah !

  11. scarredgod says:

    well, THEY RIDE was written by Dulli and Rick McCollum, so that certainly explains the whigs sound of that track.

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