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A Stitch in Time Details

The new Twilight Singers EP will be an iTunes exclusive – released on October 10.


1. Live With Me (featuring Mark Lanegan) [Massive Attack Cover]
2. Sublime (featuring Joseph Arthur)
3. Flashback (featuring Mark Lanegan) [Fat Freddy’s Drop Cover]
4. They Ride
5. The Lure Would Prove Too Much

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5 Responses to “A Stitch in Time Details”
  1. blugel says:

    nice nice..too bad about no physical release, though….not even any for us to buy at the shows?

  2. monochrome says:

    just got this from One Little Indian UK:

    ” The release date for digital is 20th November and Physical Release is 4
    December in the UK, The US release date might be slightly earlier but
    you could try and see if the details are up on the One Little Indian US
    website. ”

    the dates seem a bit strange, considering its coming out digitally in one week on itunes– but there is a physical release, i gues.

  3. Don says:

    OLI U.S. reports that widespread distribution will not be until 1/23/07, but that they may have discs for sale in their store sometime in the next five weeks.

  4. blugel says:

    Oh my god I am so in love with ‘The Lure Would Prove Too Much’

  5. guy s says:

    Anyone can help an old friend and let me know what can i do if i want to purchase “Stitch in Time” , but i cant register for an Itunes account since i live in Israel (So much for Itunes “delievering music worldwide” spirit…).
    I gotta have these tracks, Today!!!!!
    If anyone knows alternate ways of downloading (Legally, of course) this CD, ill be a very happy man.

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