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Oh, joy, another music column!

[September 20th, 2006] Oh, joy, another music column! Thus ensuring that some troll will post about how I must think I’m just so cool and should just shut up with the music columns already. Well, you know, some days my passengers talk about politics, or sex, or cats, or math, or space aliens, or the perfidy of the FDA. This guy wants to talk about “the Afghan Whigs! Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re listening to the Afghan Whigs! I thought everyone had forgotten about them!”

“Hell no!” I reply. “Gentlemen is one of the best (and most-overlooked) records of the ’90s. I still listen to them all the time, although the name…. I’ve always wondered about that band name.”

He agrees wholeheartedly about Gentlemen, and we try and figure out why the Whigs didn’t take over the world, as they most certainly should have. “Honestly,” I say, “I think it was grunge that did them in. That wave just swept aside everything in its path. Which is a shame, because back when all those hairy young men in flannel were emoting heavily all over the place, it was Greg Dulli with his dapper suits and eloquent self-loathing that got my panties wet.”

“Oh man, my girlfriend used to have such a crush on that guy,” he laughs.

“Well, then, tell her he’s got a new band called the Twilight Singers. And their Blackberry Belle is now one of the greatest and most overlooked records of…what are we calling this decade again?”

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