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The Twilight Singers feat. Mark Lanegan: Too Tough to Die
Written by Dave Kerr
Monday, 21 August 2006

If I pull out a Whigs song at a show, you can bet your ass that my heart is all the way behind it.

“It’s a voyeur’s paradise; I started feeling the pull of the unhealthy and backed away…”, Greg Dulli isn’t talking about a night out on Lothian Road , he’s calling out the more sinister properties of every kid in the land’s latest favourite pastime: MySpace. Currently on tour to present his latest opus under the Twilight Singers badge, ‘Powder Burns’, Dulli’s got bigger issues than making online emo pals on his mind. With “a taste for old blighty” and an obvious love of the road; “it’s the best time, you finally get to share with people what you’ve been doing for the past year and a half,” Twilight Singers play Scotland for the second occasion in as many months. Appearing at Cabaret Voltaire for T on the Fringe, this time Dulli brings fellow SubPop alum Mark Lanegan along for the ride.

Lanegan’s appearance marks a break from recording the follow up to 2004’s critically acclaimed ‘Bubblegum’, and the duos own debut Gutter Twins LP, which is now some three years in the making, “It is f**king cool”, Dulli enthuses; “it doesn’t really sound like either one of us, we’re both primarily solitary songwriters and lyricists, we sing a couple of songs top to bottom together, that’s kind of a new experience for me.”

Upon being asked plain and simply ‘How’s Mark?’, following various speculative reports regarding his departure from Queens of the Stone Age and the neverending tittle tattle about his well being that has dogged him since his days in the Screaming Trees, Dulli reassures us; “Mark’s been making a record somewhere in the Hollywood hills, he’s a very talented contractor and he’s the healthiest I’ve seen him in a long time. I’m here to tell anybody who may be worried about him that they can lose their concern.”

So what can we expect when the Twilights hit the capital? Any chance of a few Afghan Whigs covers Greg? Retarded perhaps? ‘I ain’t playing that!” he quips. Keen to distance himself somewhat from his days of old but happy enough to reminisce when it feels right, he points out. “This is not a nostalgia tour, but if I’m still connected to the song I’ll play it. So if I pull out a Whigs song at a show, you can bet your ass that my heart is all the way behind it.”

And you can bet your ass that this will be the showstopper of T on the Fringe, so log out of your cyber domain and get down there.

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