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Walkmen = Dulli-esque

Pitchfork Fest, Chicago Tribune

The Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser vents on every song, a howl that recalls Greg Dulli in his going-down-slow heyday with the Afghan Whigs.

The Walkmen is another band I haven’t gotten around to seeking out. How’s this comparison?

4 Responses to “Walkmen = Dulli-esque”
  1. mhuntsman says:

    It’s not an unfair comparrison but it would have never occured to me. I’ve seen the Walkmen on several occassions and live they can’t touch the Whigs ferocity (but who can?). On record, The Walkmen have much more of a bar band vibe than the epic-ness of the Whigs. I would recommend the WM though. “Bows and Arrows” in particular is a highly enjoyable album and if forced to compare I would most closely align it with “1965.”

    San Francisco Mike

  2. tombo rarspy says:

    leithauser has some vocal stylings similar to greg, and a few songs have an early whigs punk swagger to them. i love BOWS AND ARROWS, but their newest album is hit and miss at best.

  3. stjames says:

    ??? This wouldn’t have occurred to me either- but any mention of Dulli to any other band’s fans can only bring more to Greg’s side.

    WM should consider this their highest compliment!

  4. kc says:

    I can see where someone could draw a comparison vocally. Although having seen the WM recently I fear that Leithauser has shot his vocal cords. He just didn’t sound right.

    While Bows + Arrows is solid I highly recommend their first album “Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone”. Not only does it have a fantastic name, but it’s raw, intense, and calculatingly out of control.

    Their talent as musicians is clear, especially drummer Matt Barrick who’s one of the best around right now.

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