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Black Heart Procession = Dulli-esque

The Spell
(Touch and Go)

In many ways, this CD is the missing link between Greg Dulli’s cathartic and dense rock confessions and Nick Cave’s macabre fever-dream blues.

From Tucson Weekly

Sounds good to me. Anyone else have an opinion on this disc?

6 Responses to “Black Heart Procession = Dulli-esque”
  1. monochrome says:

    It’s definitely an interesting listen, but most definitely not up there with Dulli. A lot of the tracks seem to have ominous piano somewhat along the lines of Strange Fruit, but… it’s not really doing it for me.

  2. guiont says:

    Don’t agree with the comparison….

  3. DrinkinOxygen says:

    I’m a big fan of this band, but I haven’t heard this album yet, so I can’t give a comment on whether or not this particular record sounds anything like Dulli. But I will say that the first time I heard “Forty Dollars,” I thought it reminded me of The Black Heart Procession’s sound. Particularly with the piano-driven riff and the way that Greg sings on it.

  4. scarredgod says:

    BHP and Nick Cave? absolutely…BHP and Greg Dulli? uhh no. the first 3 BHP records are beautiful and brilliant, the last 2 have been pretty blah. but no, i dont see any Greg Dulli on these in the least.

  5. gordon_getgo says:

    sounds like joe jackson being played through a ocsillating fan.

  6. antonia says:

    Black Heart is similar to Twilight in the terms of sultry cinematic dark beauty, but Black Heart is more of a “family” affair in my opinion, so front person attracting all the glory…. they have really started to create a haunting soundscape with strings/ organ… black heart is more mellow, not really rock in my opinion, but THE SPELL is more “rock” that their previous albums…. They do pack some tempting beats, but they are delicately simmering in a humid, enchanting mix…you need to experience them live to truly understand the mood they are able to cast…my favorite is AMORE DEL TROPICO

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