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FoundryMusic BANDS Review: POWDER BURNS
5 Stars

This album came out in mid-May but didn’t make it to me until recently. Powder Burns is the new work of former AFGHAN WHIGS frontman Greg Dulli’s band, THE TWILIGHT SINGERS and it is phenomenal. It is everything I could expect from one of the most underrated musicians of our time.

Most albums have high and low points, but Powder Burns only has high and higher points. The disc starts out with an instrumental track called “Through the Waves,” which creates a great build-up to “I’m Ready”. “I’m Ready” was instantly a favorite of mine and starts off the album well.

The next track, “There’s been an accident,” was excellent but hasn’t been a track that I find myself humming as I drive down the road. “Bonnie Brae” is far-and-away my favorite track on this disc. It combines great lyrics with a great sound and helps make Powder Burns, in my mind, one of the best releases of 2006.

Other tracks that stand out in front of the rest were “Candy Cane Crawl,” “My Time (Has Come),” “Dead to Rights,” and the title track “Powder Burns”. As I said, the entire album is great, but these tracks were the best.

Dulli never failed his fans, whether working with the Afghan Whigs or Twilight Signers, and his new record kept to this trend. A smooth masterpiece, Powder Burns visits all of his favorite topics – drugs, sex, love, and loss – and is a must-have for everyone with ears.

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