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London 06 Review – PowPowPow
The Twilight Singers – Garage, London 12 July 2006

Written by Storm Roberts
Thursday, 13 July 2006

Strolling down towards the Garage with the heat of the setting sun burning in my eyes, the sultry, grittyness of a humid London summer’s evening: the perfect precursor for an evening with the legendary Greg Dulli and the Twilight Singers.

Opening act, Mr Jeff Klein from New York City, was a perfect appetiser, skilful, rhythmic guitar enhanced by stage recorded loops, layered with husky, gravel edged vocals “If you break my heart I’ll break every fucking bone you have”: a bitter-sweet, smoke infused entree.

The heat in the Garage was getting tropical, as the anticipation levels rose…

Taking to the stage with a confident swagger and seductive gleam in his eyes, Greg Dulli led his band out and blew the thermostat. The pulsing hypnotic beat took over as, enveloped by the rich textures of the music and invited by Mr Dulli to dance: “It’s like fucking, and you all know how to fuck, don’t you?”, the audience began to feel the temperature rise to the boil

Serving the audience a varied menu of classic favourites and new, irresistible delights with a garnish of cover versions, Bobby McIntyre drummed like a man possessed, not resting for a moment, creating textures and layers within the beat, linked via the almost cheeky, melodic prowess of Scott Ford on the bass to the melodious, soulful interlinked guitars of Mr Dulli and Dave Rosser, with Manuel Agnelli on the keyboards. Mr Dulli took over on the keys, swapping over with Manuel taking over on the guitar, and giving up on instruments altogether and simply singing with all his soul. Meltdown complete.

I have never experienced a show featuring Mr Dulli that has not left me impassioned, be it with Afghan Whigs or The Twilight Singers. I last caught him in LA joining nearLY on stage to duet with Claudia Sarne on the Whigs track “Step into the Light”, and what a night that was, tonight I am left begging for more once again, I have the Cult’s “Sweet Soul Sister” in my mind – “Hustle and strut to Paris and back, hustle and strut”- …the six weeks until The Twilight Singers return to London seems indeterminably long, I can hardly stand the anticipation, waiting for the rest of Europe to have their share of Twilight Delights…Powder Burns joins nearLY’s reminder and Greg Dulli’s solo outing, Amber Headlights, in my “sultry summer evening” listening agenda; take me by the hand, lead me to the centre of the dancefloor, Mr Dulli, I am all yours

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