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Delivering seduction
Mike Bell
Rating: 3.5/5

The older you get, the harder to seduce.

And the less you attempt it.

It’s just easier not to and the returns are usually less exciting.

But what of the Seducer — the one whose life has been about the act, the conquest and the consequences?

Well, the skills are still there, although now slightly dulled by time and repetition. And it takes a little longer to make them work — the seduction is no longer instantaneous and natural, but rather requires effort and, at times, seems like work. But then …

Before you’re aware, the lights are dimmed, the wine half-consumed, the heat turned up, and the soul on the stereo is mixing with the modern, rising backbeat of two hearts and bodies and minds entwined.

The act. The conquest. And then the consequences.

The Seducer can still deliver.

Another successful seduction.

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