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Rating: 10/10

Greg Dulli, a name that may not mean much to people who’s musical preferences exist only within the realm of punk. But, for those of us who like good rock music, the man is in many ways a musical god. As the frontman of the Afghan Whigs he helped produce some of the finest post punk/rock of the 90’s. He would later start a side project called The Twilight Singers that has in many ways, in my eyes at lest, gone beyond what the Afgahn Whigs even did.

While writing the Twilight Singers’ latest album Dulli was overcoming a fairly heavy drug addiction that had been with him for some time. And while some bands “get sober albums” are downright terrible, everything that could go right here did so. The moody music, dark lyrics, and occasionally upbeat drums come together to make one of the better albums of 2006.

While some albums these days that get labeled as “emotional” are simply about bands breaking up with their latest love interest, something that ironically enough seems to happen just in time to write a new album, this album is one of the darkest tales of ending a relationship ever. Now, one may not see overcoming a drug addiction the same as ending a relationship, but to someone who knows people who’ve been there it is. And this album captures that internal battle very well, to the point where I often expected myself to end up in a cold sweat while listening to it.

The music that is put around these lyrics only enhances the album overall. It’s never too fast or too slow, it’s just always there weaving as dark and twisted a trail as Dulli is with his lyrics. Sometimes the two almost come together into one large voice, as opposed to two strong voices supporting one another.

This is a perfect album, by a man who’s no stranger to making classic albums … he’s been doing it for over a decade now after all.

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