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Powder Burns – Decapolis

DECAPOLIS : The Twilight Singers – Powder Burns Rating: 3/4
Some albums can be loved instantly. Others have no hope of redemption from the first. Then there are releases like “Powder Burns,” which are confusing from the beginning but get better with each listen. In my ignorance I expected something along the lines of The New Pornographers. So upon listening to the album and not finding poppy indie rock, my initial reaction was one of distaste. Kind of like when you pick up a chocolate expecting nuts inside and finding, instead, a cherry.

After three or four listens I was able to come to terms with my prejudice and got myself properly oriented toward the sound of The Twilight Singers. I found myself loving the delightfully layered choruses, which became intimate and special. Nothing about the album feels forced, allowing artistry to sparkle, even in the simple moments.

Interestingly, the vocals remind me a lot of a mixture between Michael Knott (of L.S.U.) and Michael Pritzl (of The Violet Burning). However, nothing here could get confused for a Knott or Pritzl album. “Powder Burns” stands solidly on it’s own two feet. Each note is the heartbeat of The Twilight Singers and not even the presence of several high profile guests can alter that.

“Powder Burns” proves that you don’t need swift guitar solos, drug-induced visions, or whining emo heartbreak to make an interesting, compelling album. It is encouraging to see veterans of the industry continue to make relevant music.

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