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Twilight in Europe

The Twilight Singers kick off their European tour tonight in Manchester.

5 Responses to “Twilight in Europe”
  1. rob says:

    Glasgow – King Tuts – 7 July 2006.

    I am no good at writing reviews, so i will just keep this short and sweet.

    The last time the Twilight Singers played this venue, we all left basically in tears and with one thought in our heads – Nothing in the world will ever top that gig, therefore, I/we will never want to go to another gig again, unless we know the band will better or equal it. For the next year and a half i only went to a handful of gigs.

    Now, back to last night, errr! sorry to say dissapointing! But the pisser about it was the band were great, it was the sound. The vocals, sounded very muffled, where as the music was chrystal clear. Greg and Manny had noticed issues with the keyboards amps, but, what the f@uck was the soundman up to??? the audience were all (well, those who were sober enough to notice anyway) aware the sound was dire.

    During the encore, Greg switched to the keyboards, BANG that’s what we wanted to hear.

    But, there is always a but! This has not put me of this band in anyway. So much so, bring on Edinburgh 27 August, just got my tickets today.

    Also, about the gig and the sound, how come Jeff Klien sounded so marvelous? He was well impressive, look forward to seeing him again.

  2. POL says:


  3. rob says:

    Not for this date, he joins the tour from Monday August 21st for the UK dates according to this weeks NME, so he will be at the Edinburgh date.

  4. POL says:

    Damn he will not be in italy too god dammit!

  5. pjriot says:

    Just saw them at the Garage in Islington – absolutely amazing. First time I’ve seen them live. Already have my tickets booked for when Mark Lanegan joins them in August. Wish they’d release some live material cos its pure class.

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