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Twilight Singers at TLA Video

Scott Ford has added a pro-shot and produced Twilight Singers performance of “Fountain and Fairfax” from TLA in Philadelphia to his MySpace site.

Get this video and more at

6 Responses to “Twilight Singers at TLA Video”
  1. bsearles says:

    Now that’s the stuff!

    Thanks, Lee. Pure gold.

  2. stjames says:

    Geez- having been born in Philly- I am now going to regret not being there. Reminds of the GENTLEMAN tour in Tampa!


  3. kc says:

    pro-sot and produced. does this mean a new DVD is on the way?

  4. rockchick says:

    great night! although i never fully show up in any of the video, the girls i’m with are, i am totally throwin Dulli the devil horns near the end! ROCK! what a great show!

  5. rockchick says:

    according to this website, they recorded the NYC show also!

  6. Raindog says:

    Does anyone have any mp3 recordings of an entire show from this tour of very good/excellent quality and would like to trade? No $ exchange, just some trading between music lovers…if so, e-mail me @
    I found the “Crazy” cover @
    if you want it….

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