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Return of a Twilight man
Return of a Twilight man

Greg Dulli Lead singer of the Twilight Singers “Whatever you heard about me before, believe me, things ain’t what they were.” — “I’m Ready,” by the Twilight Singers

Coming from a such notorious character as Greg Dulli, leader of the Twilight Singers and, before them, the Afghan Whigs, such a statement might well be worthy of suspicion. Not only has Dulli cultivated a reputation for wildness and excess, but his lyrics long have been remarkably open about the contradictory, manipulative and sometimes downright ugly aspects of modern relationships. In the Dulli lexicon, trust might be just a trope.

But things truly aren’t what they were for Dulli, in at least some respects, and the new Twilight Singers album, “Powder Burns,” bares the scars of his recovery from years of drug abuse and the open wounds of post-Katrina New Orleans, his adopted hometown where most of the album was recorded. Whether the result of the changes is clarity or just a more vivid mess might be too soon to tell. But either way Dulli has come up with his most engaging batch of Twilight Singers songs yet.

On such standouts as “I’m Ready” and “My Time (Has Come),” he approaches the thrusting, guitar-fueled grandeur of the Whigs’ classic “Gentlemen.” But he also has sharpened the more ruminative shadings that have marked his Twilight work.

Whatever you heard about him before, he’s ready to live up to the good parts.

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