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“Bonnie Brae” on Rescue Me

Just got done watching last night’s episode of Rescue Me which was closed out with “Bonnie Brae” by the Twilight Singers. It was a brutal scene and the song worked well. If you’re not watching this show, start now.

You can see the clip here (“Bonnie Brae” starts at 1:23):

4 Responses to ““Bonnie Brae” on Rescue Me”
  1. Colleen says:

    It’s brilliant, and the song was used perfectly in this scene. It was one of those moments, jaw-dropping. Kudos to Denis for using TS in the show !

  2. stjames says:

    Very cool! Its good to see Dulli getting the exposure. Anyone at the Atlanta show have any pics?

  3. rockchick says:

    i was watching Rescue Me tuesday when this played! the show already had me on edge and then when this song started i freaking jumped off the couch i was so excited! it fits so perfectly!

  4. stjames says:

    Only Dulli could use “indubitably” and make it bad a**.

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