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Staggering Statistics: All of This and More Review

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Staggering Statistics
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As a follow-up to the Pixelated Ones and Zeros EP, All of This and More… takes the Staggering Statistics and their listeners to the next phase in their career: The inimitable real deal.

The band is evolving and forming a respectable cohesiveness at break-neck speed. By using a near-constant approach to gigging, the Stats have built a loyal fan base independent of their previous acts and used the on-stage experience to hone their songwriting and performance skills. They are tight, accomplished, and ready to be embraced by the masses.

On All of This and More…, the sound is decidedly low-fi and high-passion. There is an effortlessness to their re-imagined brand of Pavement meets Pixies that is incredibly appealing. Austin Brown delivers his lyrics in a manner that’s smartly influenced by equal parts Lou Reed and beat poetry. His guitar solo in “Winner Takes All” (an album standout) is lovingly sloppy, slurring notes and feedback like the best of live Teenage Fanclub. “LCD” conjures images of the house band in a smoke-filled, poorly-lit blues club fronted by John Spencer’s far-more talented little brother.

Former Afghan Whig John Curley anchors all of the tracks with his impossibly tight bass playing, shifting between scale runs and strummed fifths on “Alternate Ending” and providing the murmured pulse of “Matter of Time.” His instrument is front and center in the mix throughout the album, a master class for those wondering how much a bass player can contribute to the overall sound of a rock band.

Drummer Joe Klug intensely pounds away as the base of the operation, and allows Curley and Brown to riff on top of his solid foundation. He settles into the groove on “Underneath the Carpet”, with an open high-hat and flourishes of creative percussion and leads the charge of aggression on “We Celebrate Your Mistakes”.

When listening to this album, it’s difficult to not constantly list off the influences (The Who, Television, Big Star, Stooges, Sonic Youth…). They sit on the surface and dare you to call them out. But underneath the obvious, the heart of the Staggering Statistics is more than the sum of their back catalog and record collections. This is honest, real rock music that will surely earn them a place of respect among their peers.


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