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Steve Myers On Stage in NYC

Steve Myers (Mighty Fine) joined the Twilight Singers on stage at their recent stop in NYC. Here’s a note from his band’s Myspace site.

Thanks to everyone that came out last night! That was crazy fun!!! And when the band comes back in the fall I’ll try to stay on stage a little longer!

Back in the fall, eh?

thx caryn

9 Responses to “Steve Myers On Stage in NYC”
  1. Colleen says:

    Re: Back in the fall, eh ?

    Scott did mention after the show in DC that they will be coming back to tour again in the fall. Good news for those of us who want to take off more time from work to go on tour !!

  2. abechang says:

    I snagged one of the setlists from the NYC show. I’ll have to post it later. One thing: Afterhours played “My Time”…did they play this at any other show? (Is there some history about the song that I don’t know about?) I thought it was pretty cool..kind of like when Weezer played “big me” before the foo fighters went on after them.

  3. Colleen says:

    It’s not really “My Time”. It’s called “White Widow”. Since Greg and Manuel co-wrote it, they do their own versions of the song. Manuel’s lyrics are different than Greg’s. “White Widow” is on the Ballads for Little Hyenas cd. I’m sure they are playing it at most shows. I heard it in DC as well as NYC.

  4. kdandrea says:

    They played White Widow in Philly as well.

  5. monochrome says:

    I think it’s both songs– in Boston they played “My Time”, but sang the chorus to White Widow. Does White Widow have the same lyrics as My Time?

  6. Colleen says:

    Afterhours play White Widow. TS play My Time. Some of the lyrics are parallel, but not exactly the same. It’s esentially the same song, different title, some different lyrics.

  7. rockchick says:

    i accidently got so drunk that i barely remember this show! i had completely forgotten about Steve Myers until i saw pictures! luckily i had 3 other shows that i made sure to remember!

    oh and as for White Widow! if you get to talk to Manuel, be sure to mention it! he’s was very impressed that i knew the difference! which i got the idea from someone either here or the congo! thanks to whomever that was! it got me a beer from him!

  8. abechang says:

    thanks for clearing that up! I’m off to order some Afterhours now…they were great!

  9. stjames says:

    AFTER HOURS blew me away in Boston and Atlanta. I had heard them before seeing them and was impartial- but “live?” WOW!

    I wound up onstage with Greg and Manuel during “Underneath” in Atlanta- an awesome moment for me! (yes, I was the big goofy looking guy clapping and singing away!!)

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