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Philly TS Photos

A nice gallery of Twilight Singers photos from the TLA show at Studio M Live

6 Responses to “Philly TS Photos”
  1. kdandrea says:

    Excellent show. They rocked Fountain and Fairfax

  2. scarredgod says:

    i saw 5 shows this tour…newport, indy, columbus, cleveland and philly and by far philly was the very best. the crowd was wild and went nuts when they played CIGARETTES, there was a wall of singing most of the night but especially on cigarettes and fairfax. awesome show.

  3. rockchick says:

    this was my first of 4 shows! the crowd was awesome! Greg seemed really into but i can’t believe we didn’t get a second encore! i was the dumbass who jumped on the stage and stole Greg’s setlist at the end! In NYC now waiting until tomorrow! rock!

  4. abechang says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow! My 3rd TS show and 4th Dulli appearance! I can’t believe he played “Cigarettes”! Hoping for more Whigs and “Amber Headlights” stuff tomorrow! I’ll be wearing my “Twilight is for Lovers” shirt…look for the tall Asian guy. Say hi summerskiss folks!

  5. scarredgod says:

    haha i read your setlist after you grabbed it off the stage. wanted to see if there was another encore planned, i saw there was. perhaps not played due to it being close to midnight and sometimes places have curfews. because the crowd sure deserved more.

  6. rockchick says:

    yeah, we totally deserved two encoresin philly! got it in DC last night! they played faded! holy shit! finally! one more show left for me! i am totally deaf!

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