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Montreal Twilight Photos

Veronique took some fantastic photos of the Twilight Singers show in Montreal. Gotta love those light trails.

The Twilight Singers Cabaret Music Hall 5-28-06

3 Responses to “Montreal Twilight Photos”
  1. stephanie says:

    This isn’t Montreal-specific, but it’s kinda close — I got pulled up onstage, sang to and danced with in Toronto (after a 600-mile roadtrip, no less), for “Candy Cane Crawl.” Pretty much all I could do was shake like crazy and grin like an idiot, but hey! I was too busy trying not to pass out to realise that I should just forget it and have a good time. Heh.

    If anyone out there has any photos, video and/or audio of the Lee’s Palace show, I’d be eternally indebted if they dropped me a line.

    Here are a few photos I took in Chicago, FWIW:


  2. Caddy says:

    The show at Lee’s was amazing. I’d been waiting for years to see greg + the boys… definitely worth it.

    anyone have a setlist???

    Stephanie, someone posted a message at about having access to audio from the Toronto show, but that’s the most I’ve seen about it… maybe something will turn up there, eventually:

  3. stephanie says:

    Hey, thanks so much for the heads-up — I’ll leave a comment & see if I can wrangle a CD-R out of ’em. 🙂

    Oh, and the Toronto setlist is here:

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