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Powder Burns – Floatation Suite

Floatation Suite
by Vicky Hall

I don’t know where to start with this one I can honestly say that I am speechless, which if you know me is quite a big thing. I picked up this album thinking of soft ballads and nice friendly songs, but what do I get, a man screaming at me. Ex-Afghan Whigs front man Greg Dulli heads this new extremely intense band, but with similar stylings of his younger Afghan Whig days. Still as intense and loud as ever Powder Burns is going to be a firm favourite amongst heavy rock fans, with songs such as There’s been an Accident and I Wish I Was, this album is one of the most powerful yet scary albums of the year so far

However the most impressive thing about this album is the blend of a string orchestra along with the heavy influence of guitars. This combination gives this album are more original feel to other band albums that are in the same genre. If you take these factors and add on Dulli’s unusual voice then this album is by far one of the most interestingly original albums that I have heard probably ever.

Keeping to a true songwriter’s style Dulli does not let the intensity of the band overshadow the message he is trying to bring across in his words. The issues that are covered in this album are Dulli’s regrets and Dulli’s desires, so if you want to know more about ex-Afghan Whigs main man Greg Dulli’s then go out and buy this album.

And after trying to sound positive on an album that actually in fact scares the hell out of me I think I should be honest so if you’re asking my true opinion on this album I’d tell you that if you are fans of heavy rock that is so intense you can’t do anything else but scream along to it then go right ahead, but if you like any other type of music keep walking past this album, I would.

One Response to “Powder Burns – Floatation Suite”
  1. rockchick says:

    what the hell is this woman talking about! the last paragraph makes no sense! what the hell is there to be scared of and why does she say its hard rock with screaming vocals! WTF?

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