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Twilight Singers shine / Twilight Singers shine
Twilight Singers shine

Show Review
Abby Tonsing

The Vogue
Sunday, May 21

For The Twilight Singers frontman Greg Dulli, Indianapolis is synonymous with having a tambourine shoved up his ass.

Or, the way he tells it, that’s what he remembers most about the last time The Twilight Singers came to town on April 8, 2004. Dulli remembers making fun of Peyton Manning. He remembers dedicating “Martin Eden” to Kurt Cobain. What he remembers most is crashing into drummer Bobby MacIntyre’s kit. And … well …

Hopefully, former Afghan Whigs frontman Dulli’s memories of Indianapolis will be fonder this time around.

One cigarette perched in his lips and another safely behind his left ear, Dulli strutted across stage at the beginning of his set, a pint glass of ice water and ashtray affixed to his microphone stand. For starters, they launched into the arena rock epic “I’m Ready” from their fourth release, Powder Burns.

The band, drenched with sweat early in the set, struck a chord with “Bonnie Brae.” The instant classic from Powder Burns featured Italian violin player Dario Cliffo of the opening band, Afterhours. Cliffo’s violin part was perfected in sound check, a mere hours before the show.

The crowd sang in unison as pre-Twilight Singers favorite “Fountain and Fairfax” was followed by “Teenage Wristband.” Each song had fans screaming the chorus before Dulli could return to his microphone after guitar solos.

A DaVinci Code joke later, the ferocious conductor bounced between piano bench and microphone stand during “Candy Cane Crawl,” taking the listener where liner notes fear to tread.

Highlight of the show: Dulli’s beautiful smile during the jams. As if the crowd couldn’t already tell they were having fun. And, here’s hoping a 1989 Topps Eric Davis baseball card was sitting underneath Dulli’s pack of Camels. Hope to see you back in Indy soon.

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