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TS Play Chicago

The Twilight Singers hit Chicago tonight. And I know Chicagoans will post the setlist after the show….right?

One Response to “TS Play Chicago”
  1. rogets says:

    “Welcome to the slumber party”

    Sorry no set list again. By the time we got in I didn’t even try to keep track. Overall, it was similar to Mpls, F&F was included as part of the main show and there were two encores. The place was packed even though we saw a lot of people leave because of the long wait. Doors didn’t open until around 12:30, when we got in Jeff Klein was already performing. I really like his music but the sound was not good and I don’t think the venue did it any favors. It’ll be interesting to see him in Indpls at a smaller club. Afterhours played their full set and again there were sound problems. If you weren’t familiar with their music it was impossible to understand Manuel or even determine which songs were english and which were italian. That said, they are excellent live, make sure not to miss them. Twilight finally took the stage at 1:50am to continuing sound issues. Greg repeatedly had to ask to up Manuel’s keyboards as well as other parts. By this time the mix had improved and the lead vocals were clear, the backing vocals were almost non-existant however. This show seemed looser than Mpls, maybe because of the late hour, maybe because the first was under their belt, maybe because by this point they just didn’t give a f***, who knows? Another excellent performance with the excpetion of the late start. Can’t wait for Indy!

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