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TS Tour Starts 2Nite

photo by Adwicz

Lucky Minneapolitans, you get opening night of The Twilight Singers’ Powder Burns tour.

Going? Let people know at the show’s page. Get there early to see Rick McCollum’s Moon Maan and Afterhours.

Update A few photos from the show are up at Flickr – Link

12 Responses to “TS Tour Starts 2Nite”
  1. rockchick says:

    oh how i wish i lived in MN right now! please give details!!!

  2. dayrer says:

    In any of you MN folks can post a set list…that would just be fan-Fing-tastic!

    Come on May 30th!!! Get here already!

  3. stjames says:

    OK: This SK listing has got me confused- it seems to be off by one day. I am flying from Tampa to Boston for the PARADISE show on the Monday May 29th (as listed on the TS site) this SK list posts the show as Sunday the 28th.

    The next week I am flying from Tampa to Atlanta for the SMITH’S OLDE BAR show on Monday June 5th (as listed on the TS site) this SK list posts the show as Sunday the 4th.

    Anyone with some details? Quick-like?!

  4. RJ says:

    Paradise Boston is on Monday May 29th,
    Smiths Olde Bar is on Monday June 5.

  5. dmikec says:

    Come on now….I can’t wait any longer! Where is the setlist???? Want to know what I can expect in Chicago.

  6. stjames says:

    Thanks! I have the tix held in Boston and Atl- just needed some other confirmation! Perhaps someone should look into the SK list. See some of you at the shows!

  7. admin says:

    The RSS feed from (which powers the SK gig calendar) is off. The page listing on their site is correct, however. I’ve added a note to the page until the problem is fixed.

  8. admin says:

    we know from scott’s tour journal the band played ‘fountain & fairfax’ and ‘faded’ with rick. anyone got the rest?

  9. nthwave says:

    it’s all a blur right now, but the show was fuckin’ awesome… anyone who hasn’t seen a show in the Varsity Theater really must do it – it’s the perfect venue for greg and company…

    as i said, the set list is a blur – but some things i remember…

    Opened with Toward The Waves / I’m Ready

    Also played (is not be in order):
    There’s Been An Accident
    Bonnie Brae
    a blisterning version of Esta Noche
    later, an even more incredible version of Martin Eden
    Decatur St.
    Too Tough To Die (awesome)

    Sorry that’s all I can remember right now.

  10. stjames says:

    I’ll dig out my 2004/ 05 set lists to post if anyone is interested.

    Atlanta ’04
    Orlando ’05
    Atlanta ’05

  11. octoman says:

    I know they opened with I’m Ready, but it was a blur from there. They pulled out Love and Annie Mae from the first record, I recall Papillion, Teenage Wristband, Martin Eden, 40 dollars, Bonnie Brae, and I think Decateur was in there as well. I think the boys were still working out some kinks and there were some sound issues. Greg was yelling at his monitor guy quite a bit. Also interesting to note that it was the first time I’d ever seen him WITHOUT a Fender Telecaster on stage.

    I actually got there really early with my wife and we caught Greg and Bobby walking out of the venue to take a walk around the neighborhood. Both of them were incredibly kind and took time to pose for pictures with my wife and I.

    We also met Roberto, the basist from Afterhours, while waiting outside. We chatted with him for a while and ended up getting invited back to the Days Inn where they were staying for a little after-party celebration…that’s as far as I’ll go other than to say that the night was a lot of fun!

  12. rogets says:

    Tried to get a set list but lost the message on my phone whilst taking crappy quality pics. Will post them when I get home from Chicago.

    The show was awesome. I was waiting for a friend so watched Moon Maan and then stepped out and missed most of Afterhours. I did see the end of their set and all of Twilight. There were some sound glitches but overall it was an excellent show. F&F and Faded were part of the encore….Greg and Rick made me cry! The rest of the songs listed above sound correct though not in order.

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