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If I Were Going (Dulli)
Gentlemen (Dulli)
Be Sweet (Dulli/McCollum)
Debonair (Dulli)
When We Two Parted (Dulli/McCollum)
Fountain And Fairfax (Dulli)
What Jail Is Like (Dulli)
My Curse (Dulli)
Now You Know (Dulli)
I Keep Coming Back (Austell/Graham)
Brother Woodrow/Closing Prayer (Dulli/McCollum)

Recorded: April-June 1993
Released: October 1, 1993 (Europe)/October 4, 1993 (UK)/October 5, 1993 (USA)

Greg Dulli – vocals, guitars/Rick McCollum – lead guitars/John Curley – bass/Steve Earle – drums, percussion. Additional musicians: Harold Chichester – piano, mellotron/Barbara Hunter – cello/Jody Stephens – backing vocals on Now You Know/Marcy Mays – vocals on My Curse.

If I Were Going recorded April 1993 at Ultrasuede, Cincinnati, OH; all other tracks recorded May-June 1993 at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN. Produced by Greg Dulli. Engineered by Jeff Powell, John Hampton and John Curley. Mixed by Jeff Powell and Greg Dulli. Photography by Billy Phelps. Band photograph by D.A. Fleischer. Cover concept by Angel Fernandez. Design and layout by JoDee Stringham. I Keep Coming Back covers Tyrone Davis and was written in 1970 by Austell/Graham. German and UK versions are remastered, they clock in a few seconds shorter. Some copies of the UK version on LP include a Limited Edition 12″ (see below).

LP Blast First BFFP90 (UK)
12 Blast First BFFP90S (UK)
CD Elektra 61896-2 (USA)
CD Elektra 2-61896-P (USA advance promo, diff. sleeve)
CD Elektra 7559-61896-2 (Germany)
CD Elektra PROP122/7559-61896-2 (German adv. promo)
CD Mute STUMM143-2 (UK)
CD Warner Music Japan WPCR-672 (Japan)
LP Sub Pop SP353 (Canada)
LP Mute STUMM143-1 (UK)
CS Elektra 61896-4 (USA)
CS Mute STUMM143-4 (UK)

Limited Edition 12″

Rot (Mays/Harshe/O’Leary)
Fountain And Fairfax (Dulli)
I Keep Coming Back (Austell/Graham)
Tonight (Dulli)

Recorded: August 1993
Released: October 4, 1993

Goudier Session, recorded for BBC Radio 1. Produced by Nick Gomm. Engineered by Paul Long. First broadcast: August 30, 1993. Three of these songs (Rot, I Keep Coming Back and Tonight) were also released on the UK Debonair single (Blast First BFFP95CDL, Part 2 of 2 CD set). Rot is a cover of Scrawl. I Keep Coming Back is a cover of the song originally performed by Tyrone Davis and written in 1970 by Austell/Graham.

CD Columbia CSK41377 (USA promo)

4 Responses to “Gentlemen”
  1. razzi says:

    If i would pick one album that represents the 90-ies for me, it would be this one. Nobody ever made an album as emotional, full of power and technically impressive in this period.
    period! (.)

  2. jon says:

    If anyone got the lowdown on who it is exactly that speaks the intro to Brother Woodrow, please be sweet and post it here. I always thought it sounded a lot like William Burroughs.

  3. Manolo says:

    I read some years ago in an interview to Mr. Dulli himself for a spanish magazine that he used to listen to religious radio show somewhere in the south (Maybe Memphis?). They used to play Gospel songs and Brother Woodrow was the organ player.

  4. petitlapin66 says:

    The best album of 1993 for sure, and one of the best albums of all time.

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