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Big Top Halloween

1. Here Comes Jesus (Dulli/Curley)
2. In My Town (Dulli)
3. Priscilla’s Wedding Day (Dulli)
4. Push (Dulli/McCollum)
5. Scream (Dulli/McCollum)
6. But Listen (Dulli/McCollum)
7. Big Top Halloween (Dulli)
8. Life In A Day (Dulli)
9. Sammy (Dulli/Curley/Earle)
10. Doughball (Dulli/McCollum/Curley)
11. Back O’ The Line (Dulli)
12. Greek Is Extra (Dulli/McCollum)

Recorded: April-September 1987
Released: 1988

Greg Dulli – vocals, guitars, harmonica/Rick McCollum – lead guitars/John Curley – bass/Steve Earle – drums, percussion. Additional musicians: Wayne Hartman – pedal steel on Life In A Day/Paul Cavins – piano on Big Top and But Listen/Michelle Dickinson – vibraslap on Big Top/Jason Arbenz – backing vocals on Push/Janette Pierce Davis – backing vocals on Big Top/Anna Scala – backing vocals on Scream and Sammy. Crescent Springs Symphony: John Curley – Mr. Happy/Greg Dulli – Tin Whistle/Rick McCollum – Fuche/Steve Earle – Human whammy bar, ago-go bells/Mike Miller – Flexitone/Michelle Dickinson – vibraslap/Anna Scala – cowbell, tambourine.

Produced by the Afghan Whigs. Recorded, engineered and mixed by Wayne Hartman at Group Effort Studios, Crescent Springs, KY. Front cover photo by John Curley, band photo by Michelle Dickinson. A limited number of copies were pressed (2,000). Big Top Halloween, Sammy and In My Town re-released on Up In It (CD version).

LP Ultrasuede 001 (USA)

One Response to “Big Top Halloween”
  1. Yen says:

    HI there,

    Where can I find a bootleg copy of ‘Big top Halloween’ as I know the original vinyl is hard to come by?
    If there are any original copies out there, please direct me to that way!

    Many Thanks!

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