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Powder Burns – Montreal Mirror

Montreal Mirror
8.5/10 – Johnson Cummins

Long after the Afghan Whigs called it a day, head honcho Greg Dulli makes up for lost time, and proves he can still croon out a perfect line. His previous band’s foray into mutant R&B is now galvanized on “Forty Dollars,” with a grand piano leading the charge. On “Candy Cane Crawl,” he dyes the grey around his temples and spills his guts while attempting to hold demons at bay. Once again, Dulli knows how to work his fairly limited vocal range with skill, but it’s his trademark acidic lyrics that really burrow beneath the skin. If you liked the brutal honesty on the Whigs’ classic break-up album Gentleman, you’re going to be all over this like white on rice. Trainspotters may also want to know that Ani DiFranco and former Whigs bassist John Curley figure prominently here.

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