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Powder Burns – Rock City
4 Stars

Why oh why is Greg Dulli not a household name? He should be; Afghan Whigs are one of the most underrated bands in modern times; and Dulli is a charismatic frontman with a powerful soulful vocal delivery; on the fourth Twilight Singers album, a whole heap of guest vocalists and performers have been roped in to help out. Of particular note is cult folkie Ani DiFranco whose vocals perfectly compliment Dulli on ‘Bonnie Brae’ and the albums title track ‘Powder Burns’. Elsewhere Dulli reunites with former Afghan bass player John Curley on ‘Candy Cane Crawl’ where their former bandmates recapture their magic delivering a smoky slow burning melancholy rocker; which is sheer perfection. Joseph Arthur joins the procession of rotating artists on the grandiose ‘There’s Been An Accident’ the acoustically driven ‘The Conversation’ and ’Forty Dollars’ which swells and builds up to a full musical head of steam as the track progresses. For all the help he receives it’s when Dulli doesn’t have to share the limelight that he really comes to life. ‘Underneath The Waves’ and ‘My Time (Has Come)’ are jurassic stompers; Dulli relaxes and there’s no one else to cramp his style; allowing him to carry the songs perfectly; his voice sounding both sweetly seductive yet savage and strident at the same time. Musically Dulli is maturing with age, so here’s hoping for a minimum of 23 more years of Greg Dulli entertaining us in the world of music.

Greg Thomas

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