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Amber Headlights – Pow Pow Pow

Amber Headlights is a collection of songs, with strong appeal, not
just to those who love Greg Dulli’s work from the Afghan Whigs and the
Twilight Singers, but to anyone who likes a strong, well constructed
song, that, whilst being technically brilliant, does not lose sight of
the fact that music is about feelings and emotions and is always aided
by sassy, sex appeal…this album is a complete journey, ideas and
movements reinforced from one song to the next, that leaves the
listener gasping for more despite the tones of being used and rejected
the morning after the night before…genius…

Greg Dulli, legendary for his role in the Afghan Whigs and as the
leader of the Twilight Singers, released a collection of songs
entitled Amber Headlights towards the end of 2005. Listening to Amber
Headlights, I feel that there is a distinct probability that my words
are going to be from an obviously feminine view point…Greg Dulli is
a musical Casanova, seductive and alluring…so wrong, but so, so
right…his lyrics and melodies backed by a pulsating beat just pull a
girl right on in…I’m sure for a guy listening to this album the
viewpoint would be more…more…well, tough, there is only one Greg

Opening with “So Tight” Greg’s powerful, husky vocals reach out and
take the listener by the hand and take them right out into the centre
of the dance floor and entice a sexy, sassy, strut of a dance out of
even the most reluctant of movers and shakers…”and I know you want
me dead, and I can feel your breath up on my neck, oh my….” …oh
my…oh my, indeed.

… “Cigarettes” … the album continues to entice movement, and “if
you’re trouble then I’ll follow you down”…enveloped with melody and
rhythm Greg’s vocals again lead the way…”the cigarettes are going to
kill me, I know”…I’m following you down…

Changing gear for a softer track in “domani” Greg Dulli keeps the
melody strong and the vocals pulling down to the beat, which brings
the listener deeper into the emotions of the album…”aidez-moi..”

“Early today (and later that night)” is a song that inspires love yet
is quite disturbing at the same time, still moving, drawn forward by
the questioning “what’s going on?” followed by terse rejection…”do
that thing – swing -” moving, moving into “golden boy” (yes, you are
Mr Dulli), dust, desperation, reverberating with hope … lyrics
giving birth to the questioning of existence…am I following you
down, or to salvation?

“Black swan” follows on from the feelings “Early today..” brought to
mind…”Pussywillow”, introduced with a drum roll by Jerome Dillon,
sees Greg duetting with Petra Haden (who also provides violin on the
track) on an up tempo number, “aidez-moi – I am the last to know”

The final two tracks on the album complete the journey “this world is
wicked – I fit right in…this world is wicked – it’s beautiful” “if
you’re trouble then I’ll follow you down…” Lead the way…I don’t
need my coat…I’m still in full sassy, sexy, strut mode…Greg Dulli,
Amber Headlights – leave it feeling empowered and used and slightly
abused…knowing you can’t wait to go back for more…weak at the
knees “aidez-moi”…”I wanna see you again.”

Greg Dulli is touring with the Twilight Singers this summer in support
of the new Twilight Singers release “Powder Burns” (release 16th May
2006): dates as follows

Manchester Academy 3 – 6th July
Glasgow King Tut’s – 7th July
T in the Park – 8th July
Oxegen Festival, Dublin – 9th July
Leeds Cockpit – 10th July
Nottingham Rescue Rooms – 11th July
London Garage – 12th July

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