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A friend from Santa Monica went to see The Twilight Singers. Before they played was apparently the awful Ladyfuzz that sounded more like a sound check that never ended than a band that could have gotten into SXSW. Luckily, from the ashes of the Afghan Whigs rose The Twilight Singers to totally rock the venue back into life. While I can make no claims as to their awesomeness, my friend was feeling ill and wanted to make it an early night at 9pm. After The Twilight Singers finished after 12:30 am, she was more energetic and excited than I have ever seen, exclaiming, “That was totally what I came here for!” The fact that the venue was closed off to even SXSW badge holders speaks volumes to the greatness of The Twilight Singers as well.

From Mercury News (spelling mistakes corrected)

Then, I wandered down 6th Street, where I caught a few excellent songs by the Twilight Singers, whose name belies the hard sound the former Afghan Whig Greg Dulli has gotten from this Midwestern outfit. [??? – sk]

There was a crowd dozens deep into the street listening to this band, playing in a club window. With so many sounds coming from all over, it’s a rare band that can muster so many people, while facing the other way.


Why isn’t Greg Dulli a great big rock star? Maybe it’s because he’s smart and soulful. Maybe it’s because post-punk rockers aren’t supposed to know about R&B. The former Afghan Whigs frontman and his band the Twilight Singers played a scowling, smashing set at Friends for packed room of astonished onlookers. A new album is out in May. Tell people.

From the Fader Party (check the link for photo)

Of course, we can’t forget DUUUUUUUULLI. The one-time Whig played molten hot jams from his forthcoming Twilight Singers album, Powder Burns, and a few selections from earlier Twilight platters. Then he was off to pray for his Ohio State Buckeyes in the NCAA tournament.


But I saw so many terrific bands last week that arenít signed to major labels that Iím just not buying that SXSW-ainít-what-it-used-to-be junk anymore.(…)the Twilight Singers, a soul/R&B group led, majestically and sexily, by ex-Afghan Whigs singer Greg Dulli


It’s evident, as thousands of music fans wander downtown Austin looking for a new spark. Thursday night, there was a huge line outside the tiny bar Friends to see the Twilight Singers – a solid indie-rock band led by Greg Dulli that has never garnered the attention it deserves, but was far from a
festival must-see.

Many badge-holders (who paid between $375 and $875 for the conference) waited for more than an hour. The wristband-holders, who paid up to $150 for the
showcases, had already been turned away.

Those lucky enough to get in stood shoulder-to-shoulder, back-to-chest in the cramped club to hear music from the forthcoming “Powder Burns” (One Little Indian) album and the Twilight Singers didn’t disappoint, especially with older songs such as the epic, almost cinematic “Teenage Wristband.”

As Dulli left the stage, he was surrounded by fans, patting him on the back, telling him, “You were definitely worth the wait.”

Fader Party review from The Tripwire – See their site for pix

Twilight Singers brought some seriously badass rock & roll to the Levi’s/FADER Trading Post on Friday. I never doubted the awesomeness of the band, but I had no idea that they would tear it up nearly as much as they did. The great Greg Dulli, former leader of the legendary Afghan Whigs, gave us one of the finest performances of the week as he blasted through tracks from the upcoming Twilight album Powder Burns.

I received a copy of the new record before leaving for Austin, which his totally solid. As much as I really enjoyed the disc, Twilight Singers took it to a whole different level on stage. I never got to see the Whigs perform, but as hard as the Singers rocked, I felt that I finally got a glimpse of Dulli’s greatness. The guitars… hot damn they had some amazing guitar sounds erupting out of their amps. The last band I heard with that kind of guitar power was the now defunct group Pleasure Club.

Dulli’s voice sounded as amazing as I hoped it would be in person, especially on the new track “Bonnie Brae”. Soaring over the wall of guitars, it was one of those live rock moments that give you chills even days afterwards. While I wasn’t familiar enough with the new material to remember each and every song performed, I believe it was during “I’m Ready” when badass guitarist Dave Rosse kicked on a police siren through his amp. The noise of his crunchy guitar combined with the siren was indescribable, but holy hell was it amazing. If I am wrong on the song title, don’t hold it against me.

Simply put, Twilight Singers are one hell of a rock band. No cheesy stage antics, not gimmicky wardrobe, no mountain of PR driven overblown hype, just great songs performed by stellar musicians. After waiting years to see Dulli live in person, it was well worth the wait.

Make sure you grab the new Twilight Singers album Powder Burns on May 16 via One Little Indian. Mad props to Erin Chandler for the great pictures.

Also, former Whig Michael Horrigan’s new band Five Horse Johnson performed at SXSW. Detroit Free Press

A new drummer was at the seat formerly held by Mike Alonso (now with the Electric Six). His name is Michael Horrigan, and he’s a former member of the Afghan Whigs, though some Detroiters might know him as the bassist for Detroit hipster Brendan Benson’s band.

From Willamette Week

In line for the Twilight Singers, Zach and I are told we will not be getting in despite our media/band badges. Zach heads back to the Parish, but I stick it out and eventually make it inside. Leadman Greg Dulli instructs the club to turn the lights down before playing “Martin Eden.” When he sings, “You know how I love stormy weather,” the digital camera flashes against the dark stage eerily mimic a lightning storm, which alone makes the wait so worth it.

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