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Static Multimedia : Twilight Singers Get “Powder Burns”

It’s a rare occasion that a record makes as powerful an impression as this one. Greg Dulli – known and loved by many as the leader of pioneering alt-rockers Afghan Whigs – has recorded another album (his fourth) under the celebrated Twilight Singers’ moniker; and it’s a veritable masterpiece.

Produced by Mike Napolitano (Joseph Arthur/Neville Brothers) and Greg Dulli and recorded in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Milan (Italy) and Catania (Sicily) Powder Burns is a very special album by a very special talent. Dulli has long been appreciated as a unique voice. His lyrics are well-told personal yarns delivered with a ravenous intensity. Which isn’t to say that Dulli doesn’t know how to write a great rock n roll tune.

Powder Burns strikes an immediate impression; songs like “There’s Been An Accident?,” “Underneath The Waves”? and “Forty Dollars”? display Dulli’s songwriting perfectly; his lyrics – morose and uplifting in equal quantities- are complimented by his salient vocals. Dulli lets loose his spiraling tales of unyielding desires and personal regrets amid a wash of swirling guitars and string-driven orchestration. Beautifully arranged, the intricate production never gets the better of the songs themselves, always taking a back seat to the sentiment of the lyrics and Dulli’s swelling melodies. There’s no doubting the emotion in these songs.

It’s been 18 years since Dulli released the first Afghan Whigs album and five since they called it quits, but with every new recording Dulli cements his place as a national musical treasure, consistently turning out great albums bursting with a soulfulness too often missing from rock records. Clearly enjoying the freedom allowed by The Twilight Singers’ ever revolving lineup, Dulli has pulled together an eclectic and viciously gifted lot for Powder Burns. Joseph Arthur, Ani DiFranco and Scott Bennett appear on the record, along with a guest spot from fellow Afghan Whig, bassist John Curley.

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