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Amber Headlights – Step Out of the Line

step out of the line
By numb.


Amber Headlights makes an instant impression as it opens with “So Tight” and Greg Dulli’s raspy cigarette tainted voice singing   ” Sexy lady, she want to play me/ After she get hot/ She stopped to get a little shady/ In the morning I’m leaving you/ Sad but true, no crying domani.”   “So Tight” is reminiscent of the grungy rock of soul found on The Afghan Whigs’ “Gentlemen”.   In a 2004 interview with Popmatters , Dulli mentions, “Some of it [ Amber Headlights ] was songs I had written for the Whigs to play and we never did, but they’re done a bit mournfully in this case.”   So, well, Amber Headlights sounds very much like the follow up to 1965 rather than Twilight As Played By The Twilight Singers .   This album was shelved after the death of friend Ted Demme (director of Blow and Beautiful Girls ) with Blackberry Belle the resulting consequence.   If you’re familiar with Blackberry , you might consider Amber Headlights as an album of tracks very comparable to “Teenage Wristband.”   In fact, “Teenage Wristband” seems like the album’s missing 10 th track.   Dulli’s raunchy distorted guitars and energetic soulful rock is back.   The material is seductive and lustful; what would you expect?   Like She Loves You , the material seems quickly produced and a little raw.   The lack of slick production seems to work better here, though, by adding to the dark unmentionable sexual aura of the album.   At the moment Amber Headlights stands with Gentlemen as Dulli’s best work (just my opinion, of course) and only gets better with every listen.   Top tracks include “So Tight,” “Cigarettes” and “Wicked”.

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