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Amber Headlights – Spectre Music

Combining his tortured, angst-riddled vocals that helped make the Afghan Wigs famous with his broad, introspective lyrical stylings, Greg Dulliís Amber Headlights may be his best work yet. Skipping back and forth from light to dark, rocking to brooding and nearly everywhere in between, fans of Dulliís wonít be disappointed as he brings a new level of intensity to this latest work. It was a long road that brought Dulli here. His story is a long and complex one. It begins in the 90ís with Dulli as the frontman in the oft-acclaimed Afghan Wigs. After the success enjoyed by the Afghan Wigs, putting out records on Sub Pop and Columbia Records, Dulli and the band decided to go their separate ways. It was here that the world was first introduced to the Twilight Singers, Dulliís solo project. After the first Twilight Singers record, Dulli began writing what would ultimately become Greg Dulliís Amber Headlights. Thatíd be an easy story and not nearly as complex as I made it out to be, but here is where things begin to complexify. Nearing the end of the albumís completion in 2002 Greg Dulli went to dinner with two of his close friends, director Ted Demme and his wife Amanda. Two days later Ted Demme collapsed after a celebrity basketball game in Santa Monica and died. The effect of Demmeís death was great and the album was shelved. Dulli began a new album from scratch that would become The Twilight Singersí Blackberry Belle, a top 10 record at college radio. After the success of Blackberry Belle, Dulli has decided to go back and revisit that material that he was nearly finished with when his good friend died. The record is Greg Dulliís Amber Headlights and it is in your hand now.

“I went back and listened to it [Amber Headlights] and it sounded good. It wasn’t done but it was going to be done and I think after all of the drama of the loss of my buddy [director Ted Demme], I was able to look at it with perspective. I thought it sounded great and I thought it should be out there.” – Greg Dulli

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