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Shake It – Amber Donations

Shake It Records in Cincinnati, OH is donating 100% of the proceeds from Greg Dulli’s Amber Headlights to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. They also have a small quantity of the Twilight – Live DVD for sale.

From their email newsletter:

Local boy Mr. Dulli has made a name for himself as the voice behind Afghan Whigs and Twilight Singers. Now, with AMBER HEADLIGHTS, we get 9 previously unreleased songs for his first solo disc.

The album was shelved after the death of his friend Ted Demme, and is only available at Greg’s live
shows, as well as select indie record stores nationwide…like us [and, of course, the band’s website – ed].

This record was partially recorded in New Orleans & partially in LA. New Orleans kinda became
somewhat of an adopted home for Greg as well as the home of the final Whigs’ records & the first
Twilight Singers release.

With that in mind, ALL the proceeds from the sale of AMBER HEADLIGHTS will go the The American Red Cross. We’ll keep a box on the counter in case ya wanna round up or throw some more change the Red Cross’ way. Thanks to City Beat for throwing us a free 1/4 to help us get the word out on this!

To celebrate (okay…that may be pushing it) the release of the first ever solo record by hometown
boy Greg Dulli (Amber Headlights) we at Shake It were fortunate enough to procure a VERY SMALL
batch of the Twilight Singers DVD of their last show down at the Southgate House in 2004. …AND
LET THIS BE SAID…..IT IS AWESOME! Top notch quality, superior-pro sound, and an almost 2 hour
set that runs through the whole of the Twilight catalogue! These we’re going for big $ as boots but
these are from the source the legit versions!

You get not one, but two encores with none other than fellow Whigster John Curley jumping on stage
and bangin’ out some old classics. Marcy Mays even shows up to bring the freakin’ house down
with a gospel like version of “My Curse”. Tracking these bastards down was a Herculean task…so
once their gone, who knows? Get while the gettings good.

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