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Unreleased Dulli Poem

Greg Dulli’s contribution to the Bottle of Smoke #3 collection of poetry broadsides reads as follows:

– if you look at it, it’ll go away –

i walked two steps ahead, because-
inside i knew she was mine
and pulled the hood on by myself
to walk the mile like a man

as i stepped onto the trapdoor
and cinched my hands behind
i heard the voice of sylvio freaking out in the
of the hotel across the street

‘if you look at it it’ll go away!!!’

he screamed, as his drunken ghost out the window
was leaning
and screaming at the top of his abraded lungs

‘you crossed the desert, did you learn nothing?’

and as he roared this latest missive, i relaxed-
knowing now that his protest regarded me not
but that once i dropped, i kept dropping
not to hell, but to that place further south
the one they don’t tell you about
the one sylvio never heard of

greg dulli

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