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Recommended: Petra Haden Sings the Who Sell Out

petraWhen Pete Townshend calls an acapella re-imagining of The Who’s classic album “Exquisite” that’s good enough for me.

Most Twilight Singers listeners know Petra from her multi-instrument work on Blackberry Belle. She’s also a touring member of The Decemberists and led the 90s group that dog. But lately, she’s been getting a lot of attention for Petra Haden Sings the Who Sell Out, a delightfully odd all-vocal tribute. It may seem kitschy at first; but it actually makes for excellent listening. She provides an intense breakdown of the sometimes dense original instrumentation creating a refreshing, unique listening experience that stands on its own.

For those of you in the LA area, Petra will be performing the album live with an all-female choir on July 1 at the Ford Ampitheatre.

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