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Thanks to Bea for coming across this Twilight era interview with Greg Dulli, a worthy read, especially for the following tidbit:

What’s the next Whigs record gonna be like?
It’s pretty schizophrenic right now. I think my experience with Fila has opened my eyes to the world of beat-driven music. At the same time I’m a very song-oriented person. I’ve been listening to a lot of blues lately, so there’s a decidedly bluesy, delta-esque feel to a lot of the material. The one thing about the Whigs is that we’ve constantly reinvented ourselves each record. No record is the same, and this one will be most definitely different than ’65. I think they’re all reactions to the previous one.

It’s pretty early in the game — I’ve only got about eight songs right now. I won’t go into a studio unless I have 20 or 22. We had a great session last night. We went from five in the evening until five in the morning, and we got onto something pretty interesting and special, something I’ve never heard us do before. I think having a hot keyboard player in our group has really shifted the dynamic, and we’re sort of a five-man band now. For the last three records we’ve had [a keyboard player], but now I want to have one always. It’s a great extra texture. We can all play remedial keyboards, but none of us are gonna win any boogie-woogie piano contests. Last night was a Clavinet exercise. Stevie Wonder popularized [the Clavinet] — it’s the instrument on “Superstition.” You play it almost like you play the drums. It really keeps the tension — and very funky. That’s been the instrument of the week.

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