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She Loves You – Copper Press

– Jedd Beaudoin
Copper Press

Greg Dulli may very well be the Bryan Ferry of his generation. Dulli, after all, has always been somewhat advanced for his years, has always seemed to possess a true poet’s heart and worn a gentleman’s veneer despite the barbaric yawps passing from his alt lips. And, like Ferry, he’s created, not only unironic covers of tunes that you sometimes thought no one could possibly sing with a straight face, but also heartfelt renditions of contemporary (and other) standards in forms that more often than not throw the original straight to the wind. And, with She Loves You, he’s created one of the great imaginary make-out session records of this contemporary generation, just as Ferry did so many times before him.

But this is no mere student vs. master relationship, no suggestion that Dulli is a lesser artist for having seen a template (one that others before Ferry helped craft) and seized it, for we know that Dulli strives to create only the best records he can.

On She Loves You Dulli finds himself among good company with material from Gershwin (“Summertime,” here performed in the spirit of peak-era psychedelic with touches of high theatre), Bjork (“Hyperballad,” dressed in Heroes-era Bowie clothes) and John Coltrane (“A Love Supreme”). It probably also helps to have Mark Lanegan on hand for vocals, but Dulli’s never seemed a man who needed help. Rather, he seems to take it anyway and make the most of it. And that he can always do that just fine.

One of the top five albums you can’t be caught without this year.

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